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Andrew G.

Andrew G.

Production, Videography

Andrew Gook is a self-taught photographer, photoshop artist, and creative director from Toronto. I...

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Ignacio C.

Ignacio C.

Scenic Photography, Videography

I love to work with big worldwide agencies and clientes. We have worked for the United States and Ar...

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Brian C.

Brian C.

Editing, Production

Freelance film production crew member with both on-set and office experience. Extensive experience u...

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Michael G.

Michael G.

Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography

Michael Grecco is an award-winning internationally renowned director and photographer of celebrity ...

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How Tos

How to hire a producer

Hiring a producer on Snapwire is similar to hiring other creative roles on Snapwire. You'll want to ensure you have a basic idea of the project you want the producer to take on and an ideal budget in mind that you're willing to spend. Below you'll find a few tips on how to properly brief a producer for an expected project prior to hiring them.

How to write a great creative brief for producers

Writing a creative brief for producers is slightly different than most other creative roles you may hire for. Since producers handle most of the work associated with producing the content you're asking for you don't always have to be as specific as other situations. The producer may even write the creative brief for you! An effective creative brief for a producer should include:

  • An estimated total budget of the production that you want the producer to handle.
  • A basic idea of the type of production you want them to produce.
  • Timelines for delivery.

If you're ready to start looking for your next producer, login or sign up on Snapwire to start searching.


What is a producer?

Producers are a vital piece of any video shoot. A well trained producer will handle all aspects of a production including script writing, storyboarding, managing finances, hiring of cast and crew, and directing. When deciding to hire a producer be sure to look for some of the following traits:

  • Has the producer handles all of the skillsets and logistics that you're looking for.
  • Does the producer have a good network to resource from. Keep in mind you'll rely on the producer for most aspects of the production.

A talented producer can alleviate all aspects of producing a larger video, film. or photo project.

How much does it cost to hire a producer?

The cost of a producer is usually determined by the total cost of the production that is taking place. This will determine how much the producer will have to handle while the production is ongoing such as hiring a videographer, finding other cast and crew, and other logistics such as location scouting.

Why hire a freelance producer?

Hiring a freelance producer alleviates nearly all work associated with having to manage a production. Most companies hire a producer to mange higher end video productions. These are usually large campaigns that must go right from the start so relying on a talented producer is well worth the cost.

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