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Integrations & Snapwire API

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Thousands of Integrations

Shuffling files around and waiting for long upload times is likely one of your least favorite things to do.

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Does your team use Dropbox to store media assets? Leverage our custom integration to Box.

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Google Drive

Do you use G-Drive to store media assets? Leverage our custom integration to G-Drive.



Do you use Bynder to store media assets? Leverage our customer integration to Bynder

Snapwire API

What is an API anyway?

Snapwire's API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a computing interface that defines interactions between multiple software platforms. An API affords a software platform to make a ‘call’ or a ‘requests’ from/to another software platform.

API documentation defines how to make those calls and requests, defines the data formats that should be used when making those calls or requests, and outlines the conventions to follow in order to be successful at a call or request for the specified data files. 

With Snapwire’s API, you can call for many files, including photos and videos, the data related to a creative brief’s status, and other relevant information your internal systems need for your team to see real-time results.