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20 for 2020 Creators

Best of 2020

20 Snapwire Creators to Watch Out for in 2021 Although 2020 kept us in quarantine, making sourdough and binge-watching Netflix for more than we would have wanted/expected, our Clients were not ready to slow down – and with that our

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Photographer taking photo on rock cliff

Here’s to 2021

When you start a company, there’s a lot of ‘how-to’ advice on building its culture. Articles to guide you on who the right people are to hire, how many members to bring on to your team (and when), what type

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portrait girl in red hoodie in front of a red wall

Snapwire Challenge: Black Portraiture

Snapwire Challenges have been used to promote and inspire photographers through many themes in the past and this challenge is to celebrate and share not only Black members of our creator community, but the stories and lives of the models

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Back to School or Back to the Dining Room

September usually starts off with a change of energy – the weather cools off, our coffee returns to piping hot, and the buzz of starting back up at school sweeps through homes, department stores, and newly decorated classrooms. However, with

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Still Have Sand In My Shoes

Going to the beach is the ultimate Summer staple. Whether you were lucky enough to live nearby for a daily coast walk or your desktop screen saver in your new work from home office rolled in waves and underwater adventures,

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portrain of guy with pie on his face

Interview: Aaron Bernstein

Aaron Bernstein (aka Hungry Boy) breaks the “don’t play with your food” rule with a crisp pop art aesthetic and genre bending illustrations. After transforming zucchini into inch worms, New York staples in ice cubes, and a special new series

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Scenes from a Global Pandemic

When the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread, Snapwire launched #ShelterWithSnapwire as a way to initiate creativity and connection during a time that is full of unknowns and restrictions. Through it we saw what you were baking in your quarantine kitchens

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Facing Extinction: Challenge Finalists

One of November’s SW Challenge addressed our current fight against climate change, how our world is changing, and what is “Facing Extinction.” The submissions were an outstandingly beautiful reminder of the beauty in our world and cry for help toward

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Young man with glasses and a smile

Faces of Snapwire

We often celebrate and admire the beauty of a photograph, but rarely do we get to see who created it. A few months ago we launched a Challenge to discover just that – who are behind the amazing imagery? With

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Van Tran

Interview: Van Tran

From working with a variety of buyers on the platform to photographing her family as models, we sat down to get to know more about Snapwire Creator PRO | Van Tran. Tell us a little about you. What are you

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Interview: Madeline Dignadice

There has been a lot of talk about self portraits this week (check out the Ultimate Guide to Taking Self Portraits and enter our recent Challenge: Self Portrait) so we thought we would dig a little deeper and sit down

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