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Julia N.

Julia N.

Berlin, Berlin

Lifestyle Photography, Scenic Photography

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Brian C.

Brian C.

Los Angeles, CA

Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography

I'm a photographer and film director based in Los Angeles, California. Years of industry experience...

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Lena F.

Lena F.

Santa Barbara, CA

Product Photography, Photography

Hi! I am a Scandinavian - American who has lived abroad in Scandinavia for 8 years. Since 2009, I ha...

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Eddie R.

Eddie R.

Long Beach, CA

Lifestyle Photography, Scenic Photography


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How Tos

How to hire a photographer

StudioNow makes hiring a photographer a painless easy experience. In fact, most customers that use StudioNow actually enjoy the process of hiring a photographer on StudioNow. The first step to hiring a photographer on StudioNow is to write your creative project. Once you have a creative vision in mind you can begin to get matched to photographers already in StudioNow's marketplace and begin inviting your favorites. Interested photographers will apply within hours and then you can hire your favorite.

How to write a great creative project

Writing a proper creative project is the first step in ensuring you see your creative vision come to life when hiring a photographer.

For a deeper dive into writing effective creative projects when hiring a photographer read our guide here.

How to find the right photographer

One of the biggest benefits of StudioNow is ensuring you can hire a photographer with confidence. That's why we hand vet every single photographer application that comes into StudioNow and require all photographers to have references of previous commercial clients.

StudioNow's marketplace of photographers makes it easy for you to search on a variety of criteria including the photographers location, specialty, and rating.

If you're ready to start looking for your next Photographer, login or sign up on StudioNow to start searching.


What is a commercial photographer?

A commercial photographer provides services directly for your business producing a variety of images or other visual assets to use in marketing. A professional commercial photographer will ensure that the content they produce for you is always specific to your brand. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial photographer:

  • Take note of the camera type the commercial photographer has.
  • Access to photo editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.
  • Access to models for your specific needs.

Other skills to look for when hiring a commercial photographer could include the below:

  • Is location important to where the content is shot? Be sure to check where a photographer is located before hiring.
  • Experience styling products or directing models.
  • Special editing requirements such as graphic design.

How much does it cost to hire a photographer?

Rates can vary extensively to hire a photographer. Some main things to keep in mind when considering cost include:

  • Will you be requiring the photographer to hire models or can they use friends or family as models to save costs.
  • What type of rights are you looking to purchase. A simply Royalty free license is much more affordable than a full copyright buyout. Read up on what the differences are.
  • Lastly, the quality of the photographer you're looking to hire will make the biggest difference. A photographer who has extensive commercial experience can cost much more than someone who is just starting their career.

Why hire a freelance photographer?

Hiring a full time photographer for your brand can be extensive and not scalable. It can also be difficult to know what to be looking for if you're just starting out building a content strategy.

A freelance commercial photographer will allow you to create new content on your own terms without the unnecessary overhead of a full time position. They'll also be able to help with all logistics associated with producing content including hiring models or talent, editing all images, and ensuring proper legal releases are obtained.

The trick to finding the right photographer is having a clearly defined vision for what you're looking for them to shoot.

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