Project Spotlight: Keypath Education


Keypath Education is a world-leading university dedicated to providing students with a market-led and tech-focused online education. With the future of work trends continually evolving, they specialize in their global network of educational experts to drive a positive impact in the world.

Here’s a preview of our November Project Spotlight with behind-the-scenes content on one of their briefs. Specifically, the medical field in this brief creates a high level of importance for education while navigating through COVID-19. Our client specifically asked for COVID-related scenes. With our global network of creators, our production team was more than capable of accomplishing these shoots during this challenging time.

This year has undoubtedly created so many hardships. Let’s shed some light by highlighting companies such as Keypath Education.

Snapwire hopes everyone stays safe during this holiday season!


Project Summary

Keypath Education is looking to capture the outcomes of Marymount’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, with a concentration as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). A DNP degree opens doors to positions like chief nursing officer or nurse administrator. Primary care outcomes are comparable between patients served by DNPs, and patients served by physicians. DNPs hold jobs in schools, hospitals, public agencies, etc. For this instance, we want to showcase the Nurse Practitioner (NP) in a clinical setting helping their patients.

Target Audience

Qualified Registered Nurses (RN) who have been working for more than two years and who hold their Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. These individuals want to deepen their knowledge of nursing and of the global scope of health care policy and systems in order to make an impact in future roles. These individuals are looking to become future leaders and be able to practice with a terminal degree, diagnose and prescribe for patients, and create quality systemic changes.


Medical office or hospital setting – must be well lit


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Feel natural, nothing too posed, no fake smiles, etc.
  • NP’s must showcase confidence and leadership
  • Natural lighting
  • Candid expressions
  • Capture a variety of angles


  • No rolled cuffs on lab coats or wrinkled coats
  • No nail polish or unnatural makeup on nurses
  • Medical area with a row of beds (it must be a private examination room)
  • Artwork on the walls or statues
  • No other logos or branding

doctor checking patients ear

two doctors looking over chart

doctor asking patient questions

Here are some of our other favorite submissions for Keypath Education:


keypath students at table during lecture

Kelley Chance

doctor and nurse with pediatric female patient

Michael Haber

doctor instructing students for Keypath Education

Chris McCarthy

doctor typing in notes on patient chart

Michael Haber

doctor sitting with little girl on couch

Nicole Gravatt

two men on computers at conference table

Chris McCarthy

two female doctors looking at charts

Michael Haber

doctor conducting a tele-health appointment

Nicole Gravatt

female African American doctor

Maureen Im


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