Project Spotlight: Kronenbourg

Kronenbourg festive decorations

Kronenbourg is so much more than just a beer. The European pale lager was first brewed in 1664 in France and has continued to use the same recipe to this day. The history, culture, and marketing leadership behind this French beer has made them a global success and a renowned brand.

Snapwire’s December Project Spotlight provides behind-the-scenes content on our client’s brief. As a recurring client, Kronenbourg entrusted Snapwire with their holiday visual content 2 years in a row! Now in our second year working with Kronenbourg, their holiday content library has grown exponentially and is expected to be used for years to come. Regardless of the roadblocks presented to us this year, Snapwire’s transparent communication and flexibility allowed both our client and ourselves to have a smooth experience. Below is the content created last year, and eventually, we will be able to showcase the 2020 visuals.

Snapwire is more than grateful for the amazing clients we get the privilege of working with. From our team to yours, happy holidays, and enjoy the festive custom images below!


Project Summary

Kronenbourg was looking to develop holiday-inspired content to use across their global markets. Snapwire created a custom library for Kronenbourg’s 1664 Blanc with lifestyle-focused and product-focused content. The custom visual content library was then globally shared to promote 1664 Blanc. 


Clean, bright house with a tasteful, inclusive environment – must portray a festive decor.


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Natural lighting
  • Use light backgrounds, so the blue stands out
  • Candid expressions
  • Capture architectural/decor details that add to good taste


  • Avoid other logos and branding
  • No overly posed imagery
  • Avoid dark and moody lighting
  • Avoid harsh filters

Here are some of our favorite submissions for Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc:

festive holiday beer

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