Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

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Carlsberg Group’s Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc originated from France in 1664, hence the name. With its subtle aromas, beautiful haziness, and lightly brewed French touch it is a premium French wheat beer with a delicate taste of citrus fruits and coriander spice.


In October 2020, Kronenbourg’s branding team was looking to create custom visual content for the upcoming holiday campaign. As COVID-19 created difficulties in production with lockdowns around the world, Kronenbourg’s main challenge was finding a remote solution to quickly create custom, holiday themed content to promote the product. Specifically, to tell the story of how two couples would spend an evening during the holiday season while enjoying 1664 Blanc in a typical Parisian flat.


To get started, Snapwire outlined all the potential roadblocks that may be encountered due to the pandemic and prepared to be agile, flexible, and resourceful as both teams worked together through the process.

At the height of production and as models and locations were being prepared in Paris for Kronenbourg’s approval, the French government enforced a lockdown due to the pandemic. As with any Snapwire production, we had a plan B in place – to shoot in London in a very similar flat. We knew that the product could be shipped anywhere in Europe and quickly made plans to reroute it.

An alternative location and UK-based models were immediately found but knowing we might encounter another pandemic lockdown in London, we briefed the client on the possibility of conducting the shoot in Canada where access to similar architectural styling to Paris could be found and new models could be sourced.

Before making the recommendation to our client, we did our due diligence to ensure that the product was obtainable in North America to avoid shipping problems. Then, as anticipated, we heard the news that the UK was also now in lockdown.

Despite the numerous challenges posed by national lockdowns, Snapwire was still able to conduct the shoot on time and deliver the content to the client so they could launch a successful holiday advertising campaign. Regardless of the unforeseen roadblocks, Snapwire’s transparent communication, forward-thinking, and flexibility allowed us to adapt and capture the imagery Kronenbourg needed even as the location of the shoot changed multiple times creating new logistical challenges.

Check out the produced content below.


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