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meeting room with green chairs, green sofa, and pink wall art


The global commercial real estate company that provides shared workspaces for tech start-ups and enterprises needed high quality imagery of its 400 plus properties around the world, fast. The challenge was that managing simultaneous freelance photographers in 25 different countries was too much for their in-house team alone. It was too expensive to fly photographers to so many sites, and sourcing new photographers in so many locations was too time consuming. They needed original, wholly-owned content of every meeting room in every building.


Snapwire worked with the Senior Content Strategist at WeWork to produce a creative photography shoot guide based on their brand.

The next step was to input the geo locations of every property into the Snapwire platform enabling the proprietary technology to quickly identify & select expert photographers from its network with the relevant experience near to each property. Using the creative photography shoot guide, Snapwire took the time to train each creator over a series of web-conferences and gave them five weeks to complete their assignments. During the project, Snapwire held weekly progress meetings with the client and production team to monitor progress and spread lessons across all photographers.

The finished result was that wework scaled its content production to an otherwise impossible level without assuming the burden of having to manage the process.


Week Completion
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