Still Have Sand In My Shoes

person swimming photo from behind the subject

Going to the beach is the ultimate Summer staple. Whether you were lucky enough to live nearby for a daily coast walk or your desktop screen saver in your new work from home office rolled in waves and underwater adventures, I hope you got a little beach vibes these last months. Just in case you need one last does, here are a few favorite submissions to the “Let’s Go To The Beach” Snapwire Challenge.

person swimming photo from behind the subject

Austin John

two people flicking water into the ocean with their feet

Julia Shepeleva

a little wave picture in black and white

Nicole Ravicchio

landscape of the beach with a few people walking around

Philipp Salveter

birds eye shot of a cove with a waterfall going into the ocean

James Thomas

picture of someones feet from behind as they walk on the beach

Mikhail Noyerenchuk

person on the beach with the sun behind them dramatic ligthting

Kaan Turker

birds eye view of the beach

Chamath Geethan

Dive into more submissions!


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